Boarding Up

Emergency Boarding Up

  • All types of boarding up undertaken from small windows to entire buildings.
  • Generally 10-12mm sterling boards are used but marine ply up to 19mm can be requested.
  • Temporary doors for domestic and commercial properties can be fitted on site.
  • Sub frames are built were applicable so no damage is caused to existing frames.
  • Sometimes the best way to make a window safe is to use a 100mm or 200mm clear micron safety film to hold the broken glass together in the affected area.

When it comes to an emergency with your double glazing it is difficult to know what to do or who to call. Here at Robert Price & Sons we are experts at dealing with emergency glazing situations so that our customers don't have to worry.

We will undertake emergency boarding up regardless of the size of the task and will complete all work as fast as possible to ensure your safety and security.