Cat Flaps

Likewise, you cannot add these small pet portals into sealed units as it needs to remain air tight, To get around these restrictions, we cut holes before toughening and sealing the glass. For DGUs with decorative lead designs and Georgian bars, we follow the same process. In this case, there will be a hole at the bottom of the unit, however once installed this will be sealed again to maintain the require integrity.

Upvc panels can also be used to install cat flaps into, as long as they are plain and flat with no raised or design patterns on.

For single glazed doors it is possible to cut a hole directly into 4mm clear float glass, however a safer solution is to have a new piece of single toughened glass made with the hole pre cut, even though this is not a legal requirement it is a safer option and provides more security as being a safety glass.

All DGUs or single glass can be made in clear or patterned glass.